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Cayman Reporter -  - Print edition Friday 16th June

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'St. Patrick’s Blitz' March 18th 2017

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Cayman Reporter – in print edition Wednesday 5th April

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Start of Season Blitz Feb 11th 2017

Pre Event Media:

Cayman iNews "Start of Season Blitz at Caymana Bay"
Cayman Compass "Kids club welcomes new members"
Cayman News Service "Kids Gaelic Football kicks off new season"

Post Event Media:

Cayman Compass "Kids Gaelic Football Season Under Way"
Cayman 27: "Gaelic Football for Kids"
Cayman News Service: "Kids come to Gaelic football"
Cayman Reporter:  "The Dart kids Gaelic club"
Cayman I News:  Kids Gaelic Football starts season with a bang"